IOP/OP Drug and Alcohol Treatment

IOP/OP Drug and Alcohol Treatment

IOP/OP Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Welcome to Mindful Soul Therapeutic Solutions, where we offer the most effective and comprehensive IOP/OP drug and alcohol treatment in Dayton, Ohio. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to guiding individuals of all ages, from adolescence through late adulthood, towards sustained recovery.
With over 40 years of combined experience, our highly skilled therapists and addiction specialists are here to provide quality, personalized addiction treatment. We understand that each person's journey to recovery is unique, which is why our approach is tailored to meet individual needs and goals.
At Mindful Soul Therapeutic Solutions, we accept private pay, commercial insurance, and Medicaid plans, ensuring that our services remain accessible to all. It is our belief that finances should never be a barrier to receiving the care and support needed to overcome addiction.
By choosing our IOP/OP drug and alcohol treatment, you are taking the first step towards a brighter future. With our compassionate team by your side, you can expect a holistic and evidence-based approach that addresses not only the addiction itself but also any underlying issues that may contribute to it.
Don't wait any longer; take control of your life and engage with us today. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let us help you on your journey to sustained recovery. Together, we can overcome addiction and build a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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